Empowering Energy Efficiency

Leading the way in optimized energy solutions for industry and commercial sectors in Bangladesh

Main Offerings

Innovative and Comprehensive Solutions for Energy Efficiency

Energy Consultancy

Expert energy management advice for industry and commercial buildings, ensuring efficient operations and cost savings.

Energy Audit

In-depth analysis of energy usage to identify inefficiencies, providing tailored solutions for optimal energy consumption.

Energy Optimization

Specialized design services for Electrical, Fire, HVAC, and Plumbing systems, prioritizing safe and efficient energy usage.

Our Story

With a wealth of industry experience, AMBARTZ EnerCon is a leading Engineering and consultancy company in Bangladesh, specializing in electro-mechanical consultancy, energy survey, audit, and optimized design solutions for various sectors.

Why Choose Us?

Committed to Delivering Excellence in Energy Management with Proven Expertise.

Expert Engineering

Our team of certified engineers and energy auditors ensures professional expertise and optimized solutions for maximum efficiency.

Comprehensive Solutions

From detailed energy surveys to quality reports and tailored recommendations, we provide a total energy solution package.

Start Saving Energy Today

Contact us now to begin your journey towards cost-effective energy management and optimized operations.

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