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Energy Survey

We provide total consultancy and survey of Electrical, Mechanical and Water resources design of existing and upcoming projects of an organization. our expert engineering team visit the project and survey existing situation of electrical system including main distribution board and full accessories, Substation, boiler, Generator, Furnace, Floor Layout, Machinery, Machine Layout, Water Resources and uses, ERP etc.


Energy Audit

Energy Audit is conducted by our Energy Auditors to determine energy consumption of an organization and identify the ways to reduce it to improve energy efficiency. Our Energy Auditors take previous data, records, bills etc., and ask various type of related questions to understand the present energy situation of that organization.


Energy Consultancy and Reporting

After Analyzing all the records and understanding the energy consumption status, we provide Energy Audit Report with comprehensive recommendations for the improvement of energy efficiency.


Energy Feasibility Study and Consultancy

We perform feasibility study and consultancy of different types of projects including but not limited to Industry, Hospital, shopping mall, Educational Institution, Government Organization etc.


Fire Safety Services

Fire safety is another focus arena of ours. Fire safety services are indispensable for creating a secure environment, minimizing fire-related risks and mitigating the potentially devastating impacts of fires.

Fire safety services encompass a range of measures and actions aimed at preventing, mitigating and managing the risks associated with fires. These services play a critical role in safeguarding lives, property and the environment.


Plumbing Services

It is a vital sector to save energy but many organization neglect plumbing services. Plumbing services are essential for maintaining a safe, hygienic, functional environment and improving public health, promoting water conservation, preventing costly water-related damages.

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Committed to Delivering Excellence in Energy Management with Proven Expertise.

Comprehensive Solutions

From detailed energy surveys to quality reports and tailored recommendations, we provide a total energy solution package.

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Our team of certified engineers and energy auditors ensures professional expertise and optimized solutions for maximum efficiency.

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