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Our Story

AMBARTZ EnerCon is a professional Engineering Consulting, energy Survey, Energy Audit firm certified by various legal and Government regulatory authorities of Bangladesh.

AMBARTZ EnerCon is emerging as one of the leading Engineering and Consultancy firm in Bangladesh. We provide our services for Electro-Mechanical Consultancy, Energy Survey, Audit, Safe and Efficient Energy Usage, Optimized design for Electrical, Fire, HVAC, Plumbing etc. We provide total energy solutions.

We are a team of Professional Engineers expert in consultancy of energy management and engineering work for Industries, Commercial Complex, Residential Building etc. During our long professional experiences, we found numerous problems in efficient usage of energy in various industrial, commercial and non-commercial field due to lack of expertise. Inefficient usage of energy leads to unexpected higher expenditure and for this reason, an organization does not get maximum efficient output, as a result it may incur losses in business.

We have a long and proven experienced certified energy auditor. Professionalism, optimization, attention to real problems, detail designing, strict quality control and preparation of quality reports with guidelines and suggestions everything wed. Every aspect of our operation, from our survey of existing situation to final report submission, everything is carried out complying with the company’s Quality Assurance Process.

Our Core Values

Guiding Principles That Drive Our Work


We uphold the highest standards of professionalism in all our services, ensuring quality, precision, and integrity in every project.


We focus on optimizing energy usage and engineering designs to maximize efficiency and minimize waste in all aspects of our work.

Quality Control

We maintain strict quality control measures to guarantee the accuracy and reliability of our reports and recommendations, adhering to industry best practices.

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